Milestone Partners is a boutique consulting firm specializing in providing liquidity options for privately owned, closely held businesses. With over 80 years of combined financial and operational experience and access to our own private equity, we have the experience, insight and capital to help our clients realize the true potential of their business or venture.

Liquidity for Growth, Exit or Rescue.

At Milestone Partners, our mission is to create financial liquidity options for our clients, regardless of whether the need is growth, exit or rescue. Our clients are typically privately held, closely owned businesses experiencing some type of liquidity challenge and we provide solution based options for these challenges. By combining the professional capabilities of our practice groups, we can deliver complete financial solutions that help achieve the current and long term goals of our clients.


Unlike traditional consulting, private equity or restructure firms, we provide our clients with a broad range of services, including company creation, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and access to our private equity capital. We understand creating liquidity in privately held, closely-owned companies is a challenge and we offer the right combination of experience, strategy and financial resources to help our clients overcome this challenge.


At Milestone, we pride ourselves on unwavering integrity, corporate citizenship and industry statesmanship that demonstrate our strong commitment to our clients, partners and industries we serve.

However, the most striking difference at Milestone may be that every client can take advantage of our core and extended team of multi-disciplined, experienced professionals. Each professional is available to work on all engagements, enabling clients to receive the best possible results.

Milestone's mission is to be a catalyst for business results by providing real life insight and transactional expertise measured by competence, creativity and credibility.