At Milestone, we approach each business relationship, project or investment by seeking a solution that is acceptable and profitable for all parties involved. We only work with individuals and companies we like and trust, and we encourage all of our partner relationships to do so as well.

Milestone focuses on companies with annual revenues ranging from $0 to $100 million. Our Emerging Growth Practice primarily works with pre-revenue or very early stage revenue companies and the Corporate Finance, Private Equity and M&A Practices typically work with established companies with revenues ranging from several million to $100 million. The Restructuring Practice Group primarily works with companies in the $1 million to $100 million dollar range and combines the expertise from all of the other practice groups to arrive at deliverable solutions.

Milestone seeks to work with individuals and companies, which have the same spirit of capitalism, integrity and character needed to build and create profitable and successful companies. Milestone actively works with intermediaries and is open to all creative and strategic relationships.


We enjoy a critical competitive advantage in originating, analyzing and exiting investments due to our ability to draw upon the wide range of relevant in-house industry expertise and experience available in our five practice groups. Our investment activities also benefit greatly from our unparalleled access to senior industry executives in the industrial, health care, communications, energy and technology sectors.

Below are the seven key differentiators that are responsible for the success of our company and our clients:

Financial Acumen
Milestone's expertise in corporate finance and business strategy attracts clients from both sides of the negotiating table. Companies appreciate Milestone's thoroughness in helping develop and analyze strategic business plans, financial forecasts, and restructuring alternatives as well as the ability to create innovative approaches to bring efficient resolution to any financial or operational challenge.

Operational Analysis Expertise
With the expertise to analyze and evaluate a company's day-to-day sales, marketing, manufacturing, and operational costs and procedures, Milestone can then offer recommendations on what kind of investment is needed, and how a company must change in order to successfully move forward with a renewed capital base.

Negotiating Strength
Milestone has a superior record of bringing disparate parties together in multi-party negotiations. Our reputation as a fair, competent partner allows us to negotiate agreements and terms that satisfy the needs of all parties engaged in complex negotiations or conflicts.

Understanding Complex Legal Issues
All our practice groups have a comprehensive understanding of various legal services that may be required, such as patent filings for intellectual property, product licensing, or navigating the web of bankruptcy and restructuring options.

Senior Level Client Focus
Senior level attention, absolute confidentiality and complete trust are critical ingredients to the success of Milestone and our clients. Throughout the engagement, our Senior Managing Directors work closely with a company's management team or Board of Directors.

Value Maximization
Maximization of value is accomplished via detailed analysis, thoughtful advice with respect to business and restructuring alternatives, the ability to drive a transaction to its conclusion, and most importantly, the deep experience of the Milestone team.