Emerging Growth

Small Batch Manufacturing Company. Milestone provided the initial seed funding to create a "small batch" plant that provides liquid filling for small runs of products like shampoo and other liquids for larger manufacturers. This Company discovered that many large plants cannot ratchet down their volume runs to profitably produce small batch runs. This presented an opportunity that the Company has now capitalized on and is profitably producing small runs of 25+ products.

Private Equity

Product Development Company. This Company developed and distributed a revolutionary product for the food processing industry. As it grew over its first couple of years, the management realized it needed both capital and management depth to facilitate future growth. Milestone's private equity group partnered with a large private equity firm in the Northeast to provide $2.5 Million in capital and facilitated the introductions to a well qualified industry management team.

Restructuring and Redevelopment

$40 Million Construction Company. A large family owned construction company located in the Southeastern United States, which had been historically profitable, encountered multiple financial hurdles that left its working capital depleted and its balance sheet in a very weak position. Milestone engineered a financial restructuring which consolidated the outstanding debt and then concurrently provided an additional working capital loan to handle the historical revenue volume. Milestone's private equity group also committed to provide up to $500,000 in additional short term funding on a project by project basis to facilitate the growth the company was facing.

Enterprise Optimization

Large Manufacturing Company. A two hundred person manufacturing operation, which had been growing rapidly for five years and continually spent large sums on training its staff and its operations. By all accounts, the operation was well run and the senior management was committed to operating a World Class Organization. To that end, Milestone's Enterprise Optimization Group analyzed the activities of the Company and concluded that one of its proprietary strategies would increase the firm's revenue by six percent by capturing specific revenue that was being lost in the current work flow. The strategy was implemented and the firm captured an additional eight percent of revenue over the first twelve months directly related to the strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

$120 Million Technology Company. A mature technology company located in the Northern Southeast captured a large contract with a Fortune 100 company. The company needed additional liquidity and management expertise to deliver the contract. Milestone provided advisory services that resulted in a complete merger with a larger financial acquirer for $80 Million and a customized compensation package for the owner/managers that allowed them to continue in their current roles for five years.