The Owner's Trap


What Other Business
Owners are Saying

"A fast moving workshop with good presenter interaction, every business owner should take six hours, step back and take in this breath of fresh air." - $60MM Construction Company Owner
"You really get too close to the day to day chaos of your business and forget why you own it in the first place. These guys get privately held business and give you a straightforward plan to maximize your time and business value." - $15MM Services Company Owner
"I never attend workshops (too much to do), but my accountant talked me into going to this and I feel better about my direction than I have since I started my business 15 years ago!" - $3MM Landscape Company Owner
"I think a lot of us business owners get started with an idea and a vision and end up in a scramble. It's really good to invest a day in remembering why you actually own your own business and what you need to do to make it fun again." - $80MM Manufacturing Company Owner
"The content was great and the other business owners at the workshop offered great insights as well. I want to have one of these every month!" - $20MM Logistics Company Owner
"Go in with a headache, come out with a plan. Best investment of time and money I've made in 20 years." - $10MM Restaurant Chain Owner
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